Friska fötter är glada fötter … Bisgaard är det framgångsrika danska skoföretaget som tillverkar fantastiska barnskor, som varken tummar på utseende eller kvalitet. Med en tydlig filosofi, om att skor inte bara ska väljas på grund av hur det passar, utan också för att passa ändamålet, har man sedan starten 2005 lyckats kombinera de två ingredienserna och producerat förstklassiga skor som tagit både föräldrar och barn med storm. Vi var så nyfikna på att höra om hur det går till bakom kulisserna att vi var tvungna att ta oss en pratstund med den begåvade Marianne Bisgaard som tillsammans med sin man Henrik håller i all trådarna.

How was bisgaard​ born?

In 2003 Henrik and I made a deal. He would get the third child he wished for in return for giving up his management position to become my business partner. At that time, I ran three shoe stores but was still dreaming of designing and manufacturing shoes myself. We have very strong and personal values and qualities. I am the creative and innovative while Henrik has a more structured approach and a passion for sales and marketing. In 2004 our dream became reality, and we began to produce children’s shoes

How would you describe your brand?

Bisgaard is a world of quality materials, beautiful designs and great comfort! We love children, and find inspiration in their imagination and desire to play. We provide comfort ensuring a healthy environment for their feet, so that playing becomes even more joyful.
Our roots have a solid ground in the Danish design and fashion industry, which is reflected in our styles. We strive to make every day more exciting for children, so that they don’t feel like they are walking in someone else’s footsteps.

Our shoes are made from real leather to ensure soft, flexible and breathable shoes, that surrounds the foot lines and provides the very best support and conditions for the child’s movement.

Who’s the typical bisgaard​ wearer?

It depends very much on which country you are looking at the Bisgaard wearer in. In Denmark it is the fashionable mom who is interested in quality and design.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

I have always had a great interest in fashion, so this is very natural for me to work in the fashion industry.

Are you self-taught or did you study fashion design?

I am self-taught. But has a great knowledge about shoes from my former job as a seller.

How has your work evolved since you started ​working with the​ label? Since we started in 2004, we have become one of Europe’s fastest growing brands within the children’s shoe market and an established international enterprise, with a team of highly professional and energetic employees.

Are there any types of ​footwear​ that we’ll never see your customers in? Yes, each year together with my design assistant, I design about 120 different styles for both our SS and AW collection. By each collection I try to design few pairs that is far different and outstanding from the additional collection. It is very rare that these styles are being sold to our retailers, but they are a must in the collection to show something different.

What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?

I become very fascinated by Danish design furniture, when I visit museums, and walk along the beach at my summerhouse.

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t follow the fashion trends and be mainstream, instead follow your intuition and wear what you like – thereby you become fashion.

How does your desk/workplace look like? Bisgaard is located at the harbor in Aarhus, together with other fashion brands. Our office has a light and Scandinavian look. The decoration is simple, light and minimalistic.

Do you have any tricks on how to stay stylish​ and comfortable at the same time​? I like to dress comfortable every day, so therefore I never wear jeans. Casual trousers can always be spiff up by a nice blouse and blazer. For me the shoes means the most, they have to be comfortable because I walk a lot during the day when I am jobbing.

Key ​shoes ​for AW16?

The Chelsea boot, which is a bestseller and always present in our collection. Besides that we have had a bigger focus on big girls boot – here we have made a new raw sole which makes the boots more suitable for fashionable girls.
We have been forced to design more pair of boots with technical lining, instead of wool lining, because of the weather changes. The autumn stays longer, and the winter isn’t really there anymore.

Key colours AW16?

Glitter, bronze, metallic effects. The classic colours; Blue, Bordeaux and Cognac. We often make a mix of suede and glitter, leather and metallic effects etc.

What would you like to achieve with bisgaard ​under 2016?

I hope more parents finds out who bisgaard is, and chooses us because of our quality, comfort, and design.

What’s your motto?

Bisgaard always uses the motto; Good fit, quality materials and innovative design.

Marianne Bisgaard

Face and designer behind bisgaard shoes
Familj: Married with Henrik Thomsen, CEO at Bisgaard. Together they have 3 children

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